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But how does it work?
Here a brief introduction or read our article
"Chef at home"! 

The dinner (or event) with a home chef is a unique experience and unforgettable! All you have to do is contact usto tell us what kind of event it is, how many diners are there(and if they have allergies or intolerances) e specify date and time of dinner. 

To the rest? The chef takes care of it

Menu, estimate phase, shopping, transport of raw materials and necessary for cooking and serving the dishes are totally at our expense!

And it doesn't end there! In addition to serving the dishes, telling you about them and being at your disposal for any curiosity, at the end of the dinner, he will take care of the cleaning of the spaces used, before saying goodbye and leaving you enriched by a unique and....repeatable experience!

I nostri menù degustazione

Di seguito puoi trovare le nostre proposte standard: menù vegetariano, menù di carne, pesce oppure una proposta dedicata al territorio piemontese : La piola.

Vogliamo ricordati che possiamo altresì creare un menù dedicato per il catering del tuo evento o per la tua cena a domicilio, lasciati ispirare dai nostri piatti e contattaci per una proposta costruita su misura.

Requests and quotes

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