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Orecchiette con le cime di rapa


🥦 Turnip greens per feeling

👂 Orecchiette per feeling

🐟 Anchovies per feeling

🧄 Garlic per feeling

🧅 Onion per feeling

🥫 Peeled tomatoes per feeling

🌶 Chili pepper per feeling

Orecchiette alla cime di rapa are a typical Apulian dish, which is prepared with few ingredients but with lots of flavour. This dish is easy to make and can be a great idea for a quick lunch or dinner. To start, you need to prepare the turnip greens: wash them and cut the racemes from the thickest part of the stem. Taking care not to burn the anchovies, chop the garlic and onion and fry them in a pan together with the anchovies. After a few minutes, add the peeled tomatoes and cook for about ten minutes over medium heat. Meanwhile, boil the water for the pasta and add the orecchiette. When the water returns to the boil, add the turnip tops and continue cooking for about 5 minutes. Once cooked, drain the pasta and vegetables and add them to the prepared sauce. Finally, mix everything with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil with turnip tops. Serve hot to the table and enjoy this tasty and appetizing dish. As can be seen, the ingredients used can "per feeling", i.e. they can vary according to personal needs and tastes. For example, some prefer to add dried tomatoes instead of peeled tomatoes, or completely eliminate anchovies.

In any case, orecchiette with turnip tops remain a tasty and nutritious dish, perfect for all lovers of Italian cuisine. And don't forget: cook lots of them because once you try them, they're addictive!

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